About Us

My name is Jo.  I am the founder, owner, and designer of Rockin’ King Customs alongside my husband Cody; who plays a huge role behind the scenes.

It is our mission to create tangible memories for our customers by producing unique, quality, custom products that you can reminisce for a lifetime.   

Through many trials and tribulations in life, the one thing that has always kept me grounded was the western way of life. I’ve always known in my soul that the western industry, the way of life, was part of my identity; and simply part of who I was and always will be. From a little girl to a grown woman, I’ve always been and wanted to be on the back of a horse.  

My foundation began with rounding up and working cattle horseback. I eventually had the opportunity to begin barrel racing and getting a taste of the performance world. I loved it and my roots in the industry kept growing deeper.

I remember winning my first buckle. Oh my gosh! The thrill of holding something in my hand that physically represented all the hard work I had put in to winning that!  That’s why I chose to do what I do. I want to help create tangible memories for customers in a physical way for them to hold, touch, and feel.  Something they can reminisce over and pass down from generation to generation.  My work is not limited to trophy awards and buckles. I love working with customers to create unique quality custom products such as jewelry pieces, knives that are given to a loved one representing a special memory, something made for a bride to wear on her wedding day, a gift for a father on his first father’s day, or a birth buckle that becomes a family keepsake.  Ultimately we are creating these pieces that allow us to tell “A Story Made In Silver”…your story.  

My customers aren’t just another sale. I truly care about bringing to life what they are envisioning and creating something that represents them, their style, and their culture.

Most importantly we are a family and company, that puts God first and believes in hard work and integrity. 

God Bless,
Jo, Cody, Sterling, and Bridger